Before. Olivia's personal collection of before photos.

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Now. Note, this is real skin unedited. Olivia's skin still get pimples and still has some scarring. She also wears a smile every day. 

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 to play netball was a terrible feeling like everyone was just looking at my bumpy, uneven and super red acne. Having people say you have a lot of makeup on today and why don't you let your skin breath was something that no one could say unless they had skin like what mine was. 

I found out about Skinovations in the middle of 2016. I went in with my mum thinking that it was just another place saying there going to fix my skin but actually did nothing. I was wrong. 

They told me that my skin might look worse before it looked better and that wasn't easy to hear, but having Ash remind me that it will make my skin better in the long run and having her there to message and talk to through my journey was incredible. Before going to see Ash I was using lots of makeup that was bad for my skin. Ash educated me on what was in them and what it was doing to my skin. She recommended some mineral makeup in the 1st session and it was one of the best things for my skin. Skincare was another big thing that I had to change. I was using just about every product in the supermarket from cleanser, spot treatments, masks, exfoliants and moisturiser. Ash put me on DMK Skincare products and it was fantastic to know what I was finally using on my skin was going to help not make it worse. 

My confidence was very low because I had such horrible skin. I was a different person at home compared to at school and netball. I was quiet, shy and I didn’t talk a lot compared to the person I was at home - loud, happy and crazy.

When my skin started to change I noticed how I acted at school was completely different, I started to be myself. I started to act like I do at home out in public places and from going to wearing half a tube of BB cream to NO makeup while playing netball was unheard of before coming to Skinovations. 


My family was very supportive about me getting my skin treated and I was very happy that I was starting to wear less makeup to school and netball. But most of all I was happy and that is all they care about. I loved going to Skinovations after school once a week seeing Ash and knowing that every time I go my skin was getting better and better. 


I have had enzyme treatments, skin needing, masks, peels, laser and the RP Facial. Every treatment has played a part in making my skin the way it is today combined with the skincare I have used. I don't know where to start about how amazing the girls at Skinovations are - caring, supportive and beautiful humans that I don't know how to thank for what they have done for my confidence and my BEAUTIFUL SKIN xx"


PS This journey inspired Olivia so much that she decided that she wants to become a skin therapist when she's older (and when she's not playing netball for Victoria)! And we love Olivia so much that we hired her as our Clinic Coordinator commencing May 2017. MATCH! Pop in and say congrats!

(For the record, her entire skin journey up until now was paid for as a client, but she's got some staff perks coming her way... yippee)