Your Skincare Framework. The Essentials.

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Cleanser. Choosing the right cleanser for your skin can be the difference between managing your skin correctly, and unwittingly giving yourself a skin issue. For years we have been conditioned to think that clean skin means feeling tight, but it shouldn't. The purpose of a cleanser is to clean, not strip, and your skin type will determine which one is best for you. 

Skin Tip: Start off with a good quality all rounder cleanser, and when you're ready, consider adding a second cleanser to your regime. For many people, the skin when you wake up requires a different type of love at the end of the day.


Feed the skin. Oils, serums, tonics all live here. Choose actives that are specific to your needs including addressing pigmentation, premature ageing, dryness, problem skin, and reactive skin. A number of serums can be 'cocktailed' (mixed together before applying) which is good news if you are time poor, whilst other serums will need to be layered. As a guide apply peptides and growth factors first, followed by antioxidants (Vitamin B, C for example), finishing with any serum that contains an oil. 

Skin Tip: Make sure you are using your products all the way up around your orbital bone to target your eye area. You don't need to go any closer as products will migrate. 


Hydrate + Protect. This is your moisturiser.  Most contain added benefits to improve your skins function, but make sure it's doing the basics first which is replicating your skins natural barrier.

Skin Tip: Steer clear of silicone based moisturisers. Silicones coat the skin creating a false barrier, which at first is a nice feeling due to the silky nature of the ingredient, but aren't healthy for the skin. Not only does it create a false barrier on top of the skin which stops your skin functioning properly for itself, it also binds to the skin making it hard to remove (like makeup). This ingredient is one of the key drivers of skin issues and over time you feel like you need more and more of it as your skin is now reliant on it. 


SPF +15. Every routine must include daily sun protection. Learn more about SPFs here.  

Skin Tip: UVA, the rays that cause ageing, are present all year round, from dawn to dusk. 


Makeup. Yep. We consider this part of your skincare regime. Every time you wear makeup you are coating the skin and can cause the skin to function differently. If you choose a makeup with poor skin health ingredients (nearly all of them, let's face it, we aren't supposed to wear it), over time your skin will not be able to handle the constant irritation. Irritation leads to ageing, poor healing, congestion, and sensitised skins.

Skin Tip: Make a choice to wear makeup less often, and buy clinical grade mineral foundation (and primer) as a minimum. Read more about Makeup here.


Specialty treatments. This step includes eye creams, treatment masks, spot treatments, lip care and home skin rolling as required. These products may be needed (or wanted) to go the extra mile for your skin, treat a tricky skin, manage an occasional skin concern or treat a targeted area. 


Exfoliate. Why do we promote the removal "dead" skin cells that haven't detached yet? The most common reasons are to temporarily smooth out a thickened skin, temporarily decongest the skin, and to encourage quicker cell turnover. Many people do it simply because it's routinely considered good skincare practice. Whatever your reason, think about 'why' your skin is behaving the way it is, and consider if exfoliating is the best way to address it (we are creating barrier disturbance, which is a leading cause of skin issues, and there are many alternative ways to address skin function). In our experience, it's a misused step in the skincare regime, and often creates more skin issues than it fixes. 

Skin Tip: Don't use an AHA (including lactic and glycolic) cleanser. Nothing good for the skin can come from disturbing the barrier that often. 

Final Skin Tip: A good Skin Therapist will help determine your true skin type, identify it's current behaviour, and introduce you to an easy to navigate skin care regime tailored just for you.