Your Bridal Skin Bootcamp

Getting married? Mother of the bride? Huge congratulations! What an exciting time! With so much going on, there are some things that require a little more preparation-like your skin.

You have great skin? Yay! Let's make sure it stays that way through all the stress, and give it a boost before the day to ensure your make up is on point.
You have some tricky skin issues? Let's sort them out now and make sure your skin is the best it can be.

'Your Bridal Skin Regime' Guide by DMK is a great source of information to get you thinking about all things skin.

Top Tips:

  1. DO perform a treatment the night before or the morning of your big day, if you are after that last little lift. Our favourite is the Tight in a Night Treatment.
  2. DO follow your home regime to maintain your results between treatments and leading up to your big day.
  3. DO commit to the cause. If you sign-up for a program, be sure to see it out. If you fall off the wagon half way through, you will be selling yourself short of the amazing results your therapist had planned for you.
  4. DON’T leave it too late to start a skin revision program. If you really want to address your skin concerns see your paramedical technician and devise a plan six months beforehand. That way if you want to incorporate a peel, or a treatment that requires down-time, you have time on your side. 

Find out more - Download your copy here

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