Treatment Review: Quick Peel (aka The Hot One)

I must admit, after many of these, I still use a fan for this treatment. Aside from the 'false' heat, burning sensation, I love it. It's perfect for me - I'm on the go and don't always have time for an Enzyme Mask after my Quick Peel, but that doesn't mean I should skip a treatment all together. And this is SO much more than a Skin Peel. The ingredient cassia from the Chinese cinnamon nut creates a pseudo heat that stimulates the surface vascular area which in turn causes a healing effect due to flushing fresh blood and lymph into the skin and removing old blood and lymph. The purging and oxygenating the skin leaves the skin energised and smoother. I am still in awe of the positive results we get from this little dynamo. 



Lowers the pH of skin to removing crusty dead skin cells giving a gentle exfoliation
· Stimulates pimples and breakouts
· Great for sensitive skins by helping to strengthen fragile and weakened capillaries

· Perfect for dull skins that need oxygenation
· The treatment of choice for reactive and inflamed skins

Bonus: Unlike many typical peels, this peel can be applied on both the face and neck in the same treatment.

Like all of our treatments, we will advise you if you are suitable for this prior to treatment.

Pairs best with - Enzyme Mask

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