5 Reasons why we promote real skin: Less airbrushing, less makeup




We wrote a list of all the things we wanted to change and started checking them off. Our first item was to take down all the posters and banners that had makeup covered, airbrushed models. The second was to transition ourselves to a foundation free skin clinic (on most days, we're human). We also changed our language to be more responsible by ditching words like flawless, and started promoting the real skin message to our clients. This year we're saying our final buh-byes to the last of our marketing materials that use stock images on our remaining brochures.


Here's our why...



I just want to put it out there. We (Skin Therapists) work, live and breathe skin. Not makeup, not adobe - just healthy, real skin. So why on earth would we want to show images that are anything else but skin. From a marketing perspective aspirational images equal unattainable for most people, and what we promote (healthy skin) is within everyone's reach. 


2. We're preachy AF, so anything less would be a cop out

On your first consult with us we talk about how wearing makeup (or tan) all the time isn't the best for your skin (see previous blog here on Makeup). In fact if you continue to wear said 'anti skin loving stuff' we can't give you much confidence your skin is going to improve to the level we're aiming for. Some are better than others, and trust us, we'll steer you in the direction of these good brands. 

We don't hate makeup or tan. We repeat. WE DO NOT HATE MAKEUP OR TAN. We wear both. We just don't wear them on our skin every day. 1) because we have taught ourselves to be comfortable in our bare skin and 2) we also don't want to feel like we should have to wear makeup. There's a society pressure to wear it to work because it's seen as "professional", and even to leave the house "polished". We know, because our clients tell us this every single day. We love wearing makeup for special occasions, and nights out etc, but like EVERYTHING in life, things aren't bad - TOO MUCH of something is bad. We preach balance.

Sooooo it goes without saying that on most days when you come into our skin clinic we are rocking foundation free skin. Even on our bad skin days.  


3. We have to manage expectations on a daily basis 

True story. I once had a consultation with a new client who wanted help with her skin. She was just about to turn 20 and had ticked almost every skin concern on her consultation form. We spoke for a while about her concerns and how her skin made her feel. I removed her makeup to reveal the most luminous, bouncy, amazing skin. I mean, AH-MAZING SKIN! She pointed to skin issues that weren't there, and I did my job and I gently told her that her skin was on point and to maintain it I gave her skin prescription. She nearly cried, and I nearly cried. ANYWAY, there could be many reasons why people think their skin is worse than it actually is, and one of them is because what we exposed to things on a daily basis aren't real. I'm not comfortable with this at all. And not only do we not want any part of it, we want to be driving balance on the other side.


4. I'm shit at makeup and I cbf with filters/ facetune etc 

Another true story. I have no patience with learning this, so I could play devils advocate and say that if I was good at makeup maybe I'd have a different opinion. However I know this is not the case because if I wore foundation daily it would be a massive chore for me. I really enjoy that extra time sleeping, and I'm going to be honest and say I probably wouldn't bother doing the extra cleansing required at the end of the day. You may call me lazy, I like to call myself time conscious. As for photos, I can barely be bothered taking a selfie let alone retouching it. Pfft. Anyway, I go bare and I really don't want to be surrounded by airbrushed things in my face all day. 


5. Lastly, I do it for them

I never want for my children or anyone else, to aspire to look like something that isn't real and isn't them. I don't want them spending useless time trying to look a certain way because they feel pressure like I did when I was young reading stupid magazines - not to mention the level of fake everything around today. 

I'm going to teach them to be comfortable in their own skin and to go and have fun!

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"I hear what you're saying, I want to, but I just can't... "

Life isn't about being 100% one way or another. Like a 'reducetarian' who aspires to eat less meat, why not aspire to wear less makeup/ tan or rock a photo with less altering. All change starts with a single step, and we aim to inspire while you aspire xx


Something to think about

Why do we accept this?

Makeup + Photoshopping to promote skincare

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BUT NOT Healthy skin

No foundation. No editing. 

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Jazmin is a Skin Therapist + owner of Skinovations, and is a mum to Mr 5 and Miss 2. You'll see her strutting around Skinovations foundation free, but with a hint of concealor under her eyes to hide the fact she hasn't slept through the night in 5 years (completely cooincedently the same time she became a mum).