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Welcome to Seen. We are so happy to have you here. Below you will find options for your first visit with us including short consultations, extended consultations, or no consultation. If you need help deciding, please contact our team via the below form to help you decide.


The skin pow-wow at our skin lab. We chat enthusiastically with you about your skin and your goals, give you an overview on skin function, make initial skincare recommendations and provide possible treatment pathways. This is an excellent choice if you are wanting to make some tweaks to a current skin care prescription, sussing us out, or want some more information to make plans for the future. 

$50 redeemable. Please note that the total time allocated is strictly 30 minutes. 



During our one-on-one in room consultation, we deep dive into you history, review your skin, determine your goals, give you a comprehensive look at the skin function, and provide you with a tailored skin prescription. This is an excellent choice if your skin is not behaving and you are a little bit frustrated at what the root cause could be, you are needing a new skin prescription, or crave more knowledge about your skin and its influences. Think of this as a first date.

$95 redeemable. Allow up to 60 minutes. 


This is a skin analysis with the addition of your first skin treatment. In this instance, price is dependant on the treatment you have, which we will determine on the day in consultation with you. As a guide, please view our Skin Health Treatments for what a first treatment might look like. This is most popular if you're ready to get started straight away, or if you are travelling and want to make the most of your visit. 

Price is dependant on the treatment. Allow up to 2 hours. 


We know that sometimes you just want a skin treatment without the chat. Choose from any of our Skin Health treatments including Lymphatic Therapy, LED Facials and Holistic Facials. If you wish to have a thorough skin consultation or start a skin journey with us in the future, please let us know when you are ready and we will extend your time. 

Please note that you will still be required to complete a consultation form and brief assessment of your skin so that we can tailor your treatment just for you. Price and Time is dependant on the treatment. 



Contact us directly if you want to chat more about your options, your skin, or if you want to book concurrent treatments with friends.

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I understand that all individual bookings require a $50 deposit and that once an appointment time is confirmed I will be contacted to arrange payment. Any changes to appointments require a minimum of 24 hours notice otherwise the deposit will be forfeit.