Full Face, $350  |  Face + Neck, $450  |  Face, Neck + Decollate, $550  |  Half Face, $290

Skin needling provides, in many cases, equal to or better results than higher profile laser modalities and respects and maintains the integrity of the skin by not ablating the skins barrier. The treatment produces new collagen and elastin in the dermis, revising enlarged pores, revising scarring and creating an overall healthier skin. Another reason why this treatment is a stand out is because we aren't working with a heat based modality, which means this treatment is perfect for all skin types with less risk of hyper-pigmentation.  



Spot, $150  |  Full Face, $350  |  Face + Neck, $450  |  Face, Neck + Decollate, $550

This treatment is a fave for pigmentation and redness. Think tiny veins, brown spots, diffuse redness, and rosacea. It's also great for fine lines and wrinkles due to the deep dermal heating. For pigmented lesions, laser light is absorbed by melanin, and then the pigmented cells are denatured and darken, and rise to the surface. This usually exfoliates off in an average of 7-14 days. For vascular conditions, laser light is absorbed by the hemoglobin in the veins and the heat produced causes photocoagulation. Heat is then transferred to the vessel wall which ultimately destroys the vessel. For best results managing why the skin is behaving that way is key, otherwise you may find yourself back at square one - which is why this won't be your first treatment with us. 

Patch test and consultation is required at least two days prior. 
We partner with Cutera Laser for best results



Micro-pulses of laser energy activate collagen remodelling to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We love this treatment for regulating oil flow, revising enlarged pores, and reducing redness. The Laser Genesis Facial includes an exfoliation and LED Light Therapy. 

We partner with Cutera Laser for best results. 



Alkaline pH Revision with LED Light, $280
Body, POA

A stronger application of the Alkaline formulation and specialised technique is utilised for a deeper removal of proteins. This allows us to revise skin conditions such as scarring, acne and congestion, and follicular skin issues. Extractions may be performed at the time of treatment. 

Price includes an additional follow up LED Light Therapy treatment on a subsequent day to assist with alleviating inflammation, enhance healing and skin regeneration.



Includes treatment + skincare (pre and post care)

The worlds leading professional de-pigmentation treatment, and our go-to treatment for hormonally induced pigmentation. This treatment has multiple pigment removing ingredients combined in one system, with excellent results seen within two weeks, however pigmentation will continue to fade for months later. 



From $120

Vascular lesions on the legs or face are usually caused by “venous reflux” due to weaknesses in the small capillaries just below the skin. Advanced laser technology is now able to reduce the discolouration caused by these small vascular lesions safely, quickly, and more effectively.

We partner with the Cutera Nd YAG laser for best results.